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Recruitment efforts made by business owners and managers can often lead to a poor result. There are several reasons why this might be the case, some of which include:

The person simply does not exist (i.e. the expectations are not in line with the market)
The business work culture and reputation is working against a successful outcome
The business does not have access to a large database of candidates
The job ad has flaws

To the owner or business manager, the talent pool can appear meager and the opportunity may not exist to take even more time from one’s week to improve recruitment outcomes. Realising the shortcomings in their efforts and the opportunity cost of handling recruitment on their own, business owners will turn to a professional recruiter for support.


Our services are designed to unite your team with the right leadership, support and development, growing your business, brand and reputation.

The perfect fit

We don’t just focus on filling the position. If we can’t find the right person we would rather not place someone who we don’t believe is truly suitable. Often we analyse the recruitment brief itself, then investigate the business and the reasons why they haven’t been successful to date on recruitment.

Based on our findings, we then tailor a recruitment strategy for you, with a 6-month guarantee, meaning that if the new team member leaves the business within six months of hiring, we will replace them at no cost.

6-month guarantee

Our guarantee is a tremendous benefit to any company because we will not just fill the position for the sake of completing the recruitment task. Instead, UKOO will wait for the right candidate who we know will be the ongoing best-fit for the company.

Profitable outcomes from talent recruitment


We achieve recruitment results that are profitable to the business by:

Having a much bigger pool of candidates
Acting as a front for our client to work around any misleading preconceived ideas of the organisation we represent
Incorporating a rigorous process of skills testing
Being thorough with reference, criminal history and VEVO checks
Conducting behavioural, cognitive and personality assessments

Our expertise in talent procurement has helped business owners move past unrealistic expectations, gain clarity on the structure of the job role they essentially need to fill and leverage our interviewing, skills testing and ad writing services. What is probably the greatest value to the business is avoiding the opportunity cost of the recruitment phase, which when done right, averages 40 hours or more per position.


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