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At Ukoo we are recruitment specialists. Our effective and thorough approach to recruitment at all levels ensures you get the right candidate every time. We are committed to going the extra mile with focus on demonstrated skills, motivation and retention.


Behind every successful business is the right team of people. Let us find them. Everyone is different. Finding the right people requires a tailored approach.


Short-term solutions for your long-term advantage. Matching skill sets to jobs so everyone hits the ground running. Temp recruitment is a great way to deal with seasonal demand, unforeseen circumstances or planned absences within your permanent team.


Finding the right leader can make the difference in your organisation. Our advanced digital search tools coupled with the combined expertise of our Directors will ensure we find your organisation the right leader, senior manager or executive.


Our recruitment team possess the skills and experience to tackle any role effectively. The founding Directors have a combined 40 years in recruitment and match this with extensive commercial experience including NFP, NGO and numerous Board Appointments across industry. This combined with a strong team of Senior Consults, Ukoo can deliver a recruitment service based on demonstrated experience in your industry. We understand your challenges, and we understand how to find you the right staff.



Our process is not unlike any recruitment process in the industry, but it is our urgency and attention to detail that makes us different. We move quickly and thoroughly. With extensive investment in digital tools and platforms, we can reach out to the right people within hours of taking your brief. Our recruitment process is fully compliant with RCSA Quality Accreditation, in addition to meeting or exceeding the numerous mandatory and non-mandatory privacy requirements. We can meet you anywhere along your recruitment journey and have the flexibility to tailor services to meet your needs and your budget.



In the Digital era, we can assess skills and experience at the click of a button, meaning we can find skills faster more effectively than ever before. The real test of success in recruitment is finding the right cultural fit, personality and motivation. We use some of the most sophisticated and credible testing platforms to assess a range considerations including:

Aptitude and Cognitive Ability
Personality and Behaviour
Emotional Intelligence
Values Inventory
Work Safety

These tests enable us to address not only hard and soft skills but to give you the confidence that your new recruit is both culturally the right fit for organisation and the right personality fit for you team and their role.



Holding the RCSA Quality Accreditation means you can have the confidence in our processes and procedures which are regularly evaluated and audited for quality and accuracy. Being compliant not only allows us to be a more efficient operator but also gives you the peace of mind either as an applicant or our client where your data and privacy is secure at all times.

This is true of our business and our approach to the collection of applicant data. We conduct thorough Due Diligence, including but not limited to:

A minimum of three professional reference checks
Proof of identity
Rights to work

We can also facilitate further testing including:

Police checking
Heath assessment including drug and alcohol testing
Verification of qualifications, accreditations, licenses, education and training

Permanent Recruitment

Behind every successful business is the right team of people. Let us find them for you.

Over the past decade we have developed industry leading processes in relation to permanent recruitment that ensures the candidates we source are the best fit for your job and organisation. We stand by our service by offering a 6-month replacement guarantee on all permanently placed candidates.

Ukoo is proud to boast a high caliber of candidates who are dedicated, focused and invested in their careers. We recruit professionals across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to:

  • Executives, senior management;
  • Agriculture, primary industry, agribusiness;
  • Digital, communications, marketing and technology;
  • Not for Profit;
  • Sales and business development;
  • Administration, executive support, customer service;
  • Building and construction, civil construction, engineering, technical, manufacturing;
  • Mining and resources;
  • Transport and logistics;
  • Accounting, banking, finance.

We would rather walk away from a job than provide a candidate who does not fit the brief.

Temporary Recruitment

Short-term solutions for your long-term advantage.

Temporary recruitment offers flexibility, allows for seasonal changes and manages risk associated with employee overheads. In an environment where driving efficiency and results has never been more important, it is critical that you have the right people working on even your short-term jobs.

The UKOO team invests the same time and resources to source candidates for a temporary position as we would for a permanent position. We also place all temporary staff on our payroll taking away the time-consuming administration often associated with short-term staffing solutions.

Executive Search

UKOO provides a targeted executive search and headhunting service aimed at attracting the best senior leadership and executive talent in Australia and internationally. We understand the importance of effective leadership and governance within any organisation, and can apply over 50 years of combined experience in recruiting you the right leader, senior manager or executive.

We draw on the latest digital search tools and strategies combined with boardroom experience and a strong academic foundation to ensure our leaders have the skills and experience needed to ensure success in your organisation.

Some recent senior placements include:

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a leading QLD-based Digital Media Company.
  • Executive Officer (EO) with a leading Australian consumer advocacy NFP.
  • General Manager Horticulture for one of Australia’s largest farming companies.
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with a leading QLD-based Digital Media Company.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with one of the Darling Downs leading suppliers of agricultural machinery and parts.


We are prepared to back up the quality of our service. We offer a 6-month replacement guarantee on all full-time and executive project-based recruitment. Although recruitment guarantees are now a common place amongst the industry, our guarantee extends not only beyond just that of a replacement but also to a commitment that we will do it right and do it well with emphasis on outcomes and also real customer service.

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