Our Offshore Readiness Audit will walk you through a range of considerations, and recommendations to demystify an often complex marketplace into the right offshore solution for your business.
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Offshore staffing in its simplest form is the practice of engaging staff in a different labour market who participate in your business or organisation in almost the same way as a local staff member, but who are located overseas. Offshore staffing is made possible by improvements in technology allowing a remote or dispersed team to collaborate in a virtual workplace to achieve just about anything.

As experienced and trusted recruitment and HR Services providers, we have designed a consulting service tailored to help Australian SMEs find and engage the right service provider and ultimately the right staff offshore. Our service simplifies an often confusing market with an approach that makes comparing the cost savings and service providers easy, while managing the risk inherent to doing business in another country.


Our services are designed to unite your team with the right leadership, support and development, growing your business, brand and reputation.

Reduce costs

The most obvious and attractive benefit of placing staff offshore are the cost savings. On average total costs when compared with a Total Employment Cost [TEC] in Australia can range anywhere from a 40 to 65% saving for the equivalent skill set. This means for less than 50% of your wage budget you can often attract a more senior and more skilled offshore team member offshore.

Enable growth

Growing a business takes capital. However for many Australian SMEs the rising costs of attracting, developing and retaining skilled staff is the main barrier to growth and the biggest sponge on the bottom line. Offshoring will enable you to expand your business or organisation by adding the right skills at the right price at the right time, freeing up both human and financial capital to tackle new markets or add new services.

Gain access to more skills

Technology is redefining the way we do business, this places great emphasis on the need for all businesses to be agile in responding to changes in the way consumers and business interact. From mobile applications developers, to cloud accounting specialists, offshore staffing enables access to the resources needed to drive innovation within your organisation from an active labour pool such as Metro Manila, with 25 million skilled candidates alone.


Our Offshore Readiness Audit covers a wide range of considerations informed by our experiences as an offshore operators including:

Offshore Operations

HR & Team Culture


 Legal & Compliance

Needs Assessment

Our findings are them compiled in a report and delivered a presentation outlining our recommendations, and a clear road map in preparation for offshore staffing. Depending on your businesses requirements, we may recommend a quality assured service provider’s from within our network of affiliates across Metropolitan and region areas in the Philippines.

In addition to our readiness audit we also provide services a range of services in design to aid you implement our recommendations including:
Job design
Position descriptions
Workflow analysis and development
Internal team coaching
Cultural awareness training
Operations support

Why choose Ukoo?

Ukoo have set up and managed offshore teams, in different countries, for over 5 years. In that time we have developed significant skills in recruiting and managing offshore teams. Offshore staffing is a relatively new industry, with pitfalls and attractions, where it is difficult to determine the right approach both locally and offshore. We believe we can add real value for businesses looking for an unbiased appraisal of both their readiness for offshore, the suitability of offshore staffing for their business and how to develop the most productive, engaged, offshore team.

Industry knowledge & capability

By far the most common pit fall when engaging an offshore service provider is failing to conduct effective due diligence in relation to client side regulatory requirements. Many industries have mandatory and non-mandatory codes of practice in relation to the integration of offshore services. At Ukoo, we draw on our own experience in exploring regulatory and compliance issues effecting businesses, to ensure you make the right decision.

Offshore staffing is new to SMEs

Although multinationals and large corporations have utilised skilled offshore labour markets for many years, the practice is relatively new for SMEs. Accounting, Finance and Digital Marketing are amongst the most mature markets, yet for many smaller businesses there are very few resources or published information in relation to best practice.

Selecting the right product and provider in the right geographic can be the difference between success and failure. Leveraging our experience as an offshore operator, we can help your business design, engage and develop an effective offshore resource of any size, and critically, provide the information to make informed decision.

Offshore staffing can be complex

Setting up and operating an offshore team can be challenging, particularly when navigating the legal and regulatory requirements of your local jurisdiction and the offshore market. Data integrity, privacy and client perception pose major challenges, in addition to local labour law, offshore performance management and cross cultural change management. Our service is designed to assess all these considerations and many more, and provide your business with the means to ensure success from day one, in additional to providing support along the way.


As experienced and trusted recruitment and HR consulting specialists, we have designed an offshore staffing service that is accessible and tailored for the varied needs of Australian SMEs. At Ukoo, we simplify an often confusing process with a model that makes comparing the cost savings with local alternatives and other service providers easy, while managing the risk inherent to doing business in another country.

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