Are your profits eroding due to rising labour costs?
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Growing a business takes capital. However for many Australian SMEs the rising costs of attracting, developing and retaining skilled staff is the main barrier to growth and the biggest sponge on the bottom line. Offshoring will enable you to expand your business or organisation by adding the right skills at the right price at the right time, freeing up both human and financial capital to tackle new markets or add new services.


Our services are designed to unite your team with the right leadership, support and development, growing your business, brand and reputation.

How much could you save?

The most obvious and attractive benefit of placing staff offshore are the cost savings. On average total costs when compared with a Total Employment Cost [TEC] in Australia can range anywhere from a 40 to 65% saving for the equivalent skill set. This means for less than 50% of your wage budget you can often attract a more senior and more skilled offshore team member.

Why are we different?

Ukoo draw on more than 5 years’ experience in offshore operations in providing a service designed to assess your businesses suitability and readiness to engage offshore staff. Our Offshore Readiness Audit & Needs Assessment will walk you through a range of considerations, and recommendations to demystify an often complex marketplace into the right offshore solution for your business.

Offshore readiness audit

Our Offshore Readiness Audit covers a wide range of considerations informed by our experiences as an offshore operators including:

Offshore Operations

HR & Team Culture


Legal & Compliance

Thorough Needs Assessment

Our findings are them compiled in a report and delivered a presentation outlining our recommendations, and a clear road map in preparation for offshore staffing. Depending on your businesses requirements, we may recommend a quality assured service provider’s from within our network of affiliates across Metropolitan and region areas in the Philippines.

In addition to our readiness audit we also provide services a range of services in design to aid you implement our recommendations including:

Job design

Position descriptions

Workflow analysis and development

Internal team coaching

Cross cultural awareness seminars

Operations support



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