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How DISC Can Supercharge Your Team’s Performance

By Zhara Nash – HR Consultant

Looking for ways to improve your communication and team development? Discover the key benefits of completing a DISC Advanced workshop!


Now we all know communication is key to success when it comes to achieving anything – especially in the workplace! But knowing how to communicate effectively with those around you, unfortunately doesn’t come so easy. Most of us would be familiar with different communication techniques, and if you really paid attention in business school – when and how to adjust these in general situations. However, when you are responsible for managing a team (large or small) of diverse individuals, to ensure you are fostering a positive workplace culture empowering a high-performing team, you need to dive deeper to really understand human behaviour, your own, and those that you are working with. This is where completing a DISC Advanced workshop with teams can be critical to achieving true results.


What is a DISC Advanced Profile?


DISC Advanced is the world’s most advanced behavioural assessment system. Its process is designed to provide users with practical, and most importantly, useable information to achieve tangible results when it comes to team communication. Some have compared it to a personality test but what sets the DISC Advanced apart, is it is specifically designed to evaluate how people behave in a workplace setting. It will assess peoples subconscious or natural behavioural style, as well as their conscious or adjusted behavioural style, telling us both the preferred and typically normal behaviour, plus their adjusted behaviour brought about by a reaction to their current environment. However, it not only identifies these behaviours, but it provides the critical knowledge on what this means for people, how it affects them in the workplace, and how they can adjust their behaviour to get the most out of their colleagues and their relationship with their managers.


What Next?


Where the real value comes in with the DISC Advanced profiles is the workshop that follows the assessment. Participants work through developing an understanding of the different individual behavioural styles, identify their own style, and are equipped with an action plan and knowledge of understanding their own teams’ various styles. They are then provided practical action plans on how to modify their styles appropriately when communicating with different members of their team, to help move them forward to where they want to go.

Some of us thrive off talking to people and building connections, others crave the nitty gritty detail and prefer to work individually, whilst others may take charge of all situations and just get straight to the point. We all work differently, and it’s these differences that make up teams and organisations, but we need to know how to work effectively together to ensure a teams success!


What are the key benefits of a DISC Advanced Workshop?


What participants get out of these workshops is:

  • Strong self-awareness
  • Ability to identify the behavioural styles of others
  • Improved communication and understanding amongst their team
  • Practical action plans on how to communicate effectively with their own team
  • The ability to use this knowledge to apply to other workplace environments


Benefits of DISC Advanced Workshops for Sales Teams?


There is no single effective selling style, and the best salespeople understand this. However, regardless of how good someone’s sales record is, it will significantly improve if they know how to sell to different types of people!

Often a sales approach that succeeds with one client, will fail with the next, so helping to understand what motivates people (your clients) to buy and identifying different options and styles, will invaluably assist your sales team to continue to really drive those sales targets up.

Looking to smash your next sales target, or enhancing your teams performance? Reach out to our DISC Advanced accredited consultants who are here to help!



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