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Not every team works like a well oiled machine and it can be difficult for business owners and managers to know what is the best course of action to take in these situations. UKOO offer HR services that regularly deal with issues such as:

Underperforming team members
Disruptive team members
General harassment
Sensitive workplace issues
Sexual harassment

UKOO implement and project manage the full scope of human resource services, some of these being:

  • Legislative compliance
  • Performance management
  • Position descriptions and KPIs that fit with the overall strategy of the business
  • Enterprise bargaining agreements
  • Process automation
  • Succession planning
  • Online induction programs
  • Conflict resolution
  • Health & Safety procedural development and training
  • Workplace investigation on issues such as poor performance and/or bullying
  • Redundancy and exit strategies for staff
  • Wage and salary audit


Our services are designed to unite your team with the right leadership, support and development, growing your business, brand and reputation.

Professional advice

We are qualified HR consultants with experience in dealing with almost every awkward situation you can imagine when it comes to staff management. At our initial hr services consultation, we ask you all the important questions to advise on the right course of action.

Formal workplace investigation

We have qualified workplace investigators in our team and in some instances will advise that you undertake a full workplace investigation to determine the seriousness of the issues in question. We assess any actions taken to date and formulate a game plan to tackle the challenges moving forward.

Terminating a staff member

We realise you may be at the point where you would prefer to just replace a team member, but perhaps you are unsure about the correct legal process for doing so. We can advise on the right course of action, to ensure you don’t leave yourself open to any recourse with Fair Work Australia.

Unique staff challenges

Regardless of the type of challenge, UKOO can help you to deal with the issues facing your team. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get back on track so you can focus on moving forward!


With us, a HR solution is only a phone call away!

We can help your organisation with the process of staff redundancies. Our focus in this area is to provide you with the advice you need from a legislative and regulatory perspective to ensure the process is handled as efficiently and delicately with minimal disruption to the business.

The value of this approach is that it helps your organisation avoid unfair dismissal claims and removes your exposure to technicalities that can often impact companies that aren’t familiar with the processes involved in making a staff member redundant.


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